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Sharp Vision Uplink SFP Dual Fiber

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  • TX and Rx: 1310nm
  • Up to 20 km with 9/125 um
  • Available in pair
    1. Tx: 1310 / Rx 1550nm
    Tx: -3 to -9dBm
    Rx: – 21 dBm
    2. Tx: 1550 / Rx 1310nm
    Tx: -3 to -9dBm
    Rx: -21 dBm

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Uplink SFP Dual Fiber

Original price was: ₹4,543.00.Current price is: ₹3,634.40.

Availability: In stock

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Product Description

Uplink SFP Dual Fiber Modules are pluggable optical modules for optical interfaces of OLT, network switches & routers.

The uplink SFP port can connect to a regular port of another device. Plug the uplink SFP port of one Gigabit switch into the standard port of another Gigabit switch can help expand the network’s size.


  • Single Mode Dual Fiber (LC/PC)
  • Data Rate: 1.25 GBPS
  •  Compatible with all Network Devices
  •  Rx sensitivity: -23dBm
  •  Tx Output Power: 0 to -6dBm
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