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Syrotech Fiber Optic PLC Splitter 8-Way

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  • Input Fiber Length: 1m
  • Output Fiber Length: 1m
  • Operating Wavelength(nm): 1260 to 1650

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16-Way PLC Splitter

Original price was: ₹219.04.Current price is: ₹175.23.

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Product Description

Optic PLC Splitter 8-Way

A PLC Splitter is an essential component in an FTTH GPON where a single visual input is split into multiple outputs. This enables the deployment of a Point to Multi-Point (P2MP) physical fiber network with a single OLT port serving various ONTs.

Optical Splitters are passive components that perform the optical signal splitting in a PON network. They are composed of 1 input fiber and N output fibers, which divide the power of the optical signal proportionally between them, characterizing them as balanced splitters. They are mainly used in FTTx / PON optical networks and in HFC networks (cable TV).

Splitting Ratio

Input Fiber Length

Output Fiber Length

Operating Wavelength(nm)


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