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Sharp Vision GPON 4 Port OLT (Loaded)

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  • Advanced Security Protocols
  • L3 Routing capability
  • Algorithm for Automated Bandwidth Management

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GPON 4 Port OLT (Loaded)

Original price was: ₹86,848.00.Current price is: ₹75,520.00.

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Product Description


The GPON 4 Port OLT is a loaded device, which means it has all four GPON ports already occupied and cannot accommodate additional subscribers without upgrading or adding another OLT. This type of OLT is typically used in medium-sized networks that require a limited number of GPON connections.

Sharp Vision Optical Line Terminal (OLT) is located at MSO/LCO Head End and transmits data at 1490nm & receives at 1310nm wavelength. This signal passes through Splitters and can serve 64 customers up to a distance of 20km with one of its ports.

Sharp Vision Edge Optical Line Terminal (OLT) incorporates both GPON technology & have many advanced features, for example – A network profile can be made for user identification and the bandwidth allocation for individual identified ONU.

Weight4 kg
Dimensions57 × 45 × 10 cm
No. of PON Ports

No. of LAN Ports

Supports 512 ONT with a 1:128 split Ratio.

OLT Type


No. of ONU/ONT Supported

Supports 512 ONT with 1:128 split Ratio


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