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Server Metal Rack Screws and Cage Nuts

Original price was: ₹290.28.Current price is: ₹236.00.

  • Type:  Rack Screws and Cage Nuts
  • Material: Metal
  • Thread Size: M5

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Server Metal Rack Screws and Cage Nuts

Original price was: ₹290.28.Current price is: ₹236.00.

Availability: In stock

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Product Description

Metal Rack Screws and Cage Nuts

These rack screws and cage nuts are convenient to have on hand for installing rack-mountable equipment, such as your server, network, or audio/video equipment. Each pack includes a cage nut installation tool to ensure a fast and simple installation of each cage nut.

The cabinet mounting screws, and cage nuts are also suitable for new server rack and cabinet setups – perfect for those times when you drop or misplace a nut or two. The bulk pack ensures that you have enough available when you need them. The mounting screws and the nuts come in a nickel-plated finish to prevent rust.

Cage nuts are very easy to use. To install a cage nut onto a server rack you can pop the cage nut into the hole if you hook one side in first and then press the other side in with a thin flat blade screwdriver or tool it is supplied.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rust-resistant nickel-plated finish
  • Square cage nut design for racks and cabinets with square holes
  • Hassle-free installation with cage nut installation tool included.




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